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At Genco, we produce quality shells best suited to your personal vision and project's objectives. Genco understands the longevity of commitment associated with your business or home and strides to nurture its' growth, strengthen your resolve, and meet your budgetary goals.

We are quick, we are qualified, and we can always promise you quality.

The Landings

Peter E.

“Mark is an exceptional contractor. He is a first-class and honest person whose work is very high quality.
I have recommended him to 2 people last week. "

Jim M.

"Genco saved our sanity! They took over our project from a GC that was clearly incompetent. Genco came in with a team of knowledgeable courteous professionals who got our project back on track from permitting issues to completion. We could not be more pleased and grateful to Mark and Genco, we highly recommend them!"

Amanda C.

"Genco's professional team is responsive and knowledgeable! I would recommend them over and over again! Mark is the absolute best!"


Founded in 2011, Genco has built over 500,000 SQ FT of shell

26 full-time employees across 4 departments

12 years accident free

Weekly project schedule meetings that look a minimum of 3 weeks ahead

Equipment fleet of over 18 units with a replacement value of over $1,000,000

100+ projects completed

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